SAMUEL KORANTENG-PIPIM,PH.D. , is a US-based Ghanaian author, inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, and an advocate for youth empowerment. He was trained in engineering and systematic theology, and has authored more than twenty books. They include his bestselling works Hope Through the Dark, Six More Chances, Healed Wounds but Ugly Scars, and Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions. Dr. Pipim currently directs two Centers for Leadership Development known as EAGLES (Empowerment & Advisory Group for Leadership, Excellence, & Service) and ANANSE (African Network & Advisory for Needed Services & Excellence). He also serves as a special consultant on Bible projects for Remnant Publications. 

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A Book Like No Other BOok
by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, Ph.D.

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Pages : 84
ISBN : 978-1-890014-38-4
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Many books can inform you, but only one Book can transform you. Strangely, this Book is a nameless book! It’s simply called the BOOK. And, although you can read many books, this one Book can actually read you! It can read your heart or mind—and can even change it! You’ve got to know more about this life-changing Book—and, by all means, you’ve got to read it. Read the Book will assist you in this effort.