SAMUEL KORANTENG-PIPIM,PH.D. , is a US-based Ghanaian author, inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, and an advocate for youth empowerment. He was trained in engineering and systematic theology, and has authored more than twenty books. They include his bestselling works Hope Through the Dark, Six More Chances, Healed Wounds but Ugly Scars, and Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions. Dr. Pipim currently directs two Centers for Leadership Development known as EAGLES (Empowerment & Advisory Group for Leadership, Excellence, & Service) and ANANSE (African Network & Advisory for Needed Services & Excellence). He also serves as a special consultant on Bible projects for Remnant Publications. 

Receiving the Word

by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, Ph.D.

Title: Receiving the Word: How New Approaches to the Bible Impact Our Biblical Faith & Lifestyle 
Author: Samuel Koranteng-Pipim
Pages: 368
ISBN:  978-1-890014-00-1

Receiving the Word has an innocent title; but it deals with a very explosive issue—namely, biblical authority and interpretation. It is this issue that has divided the church into "conservative" and "liberal" camps. The book insightfully explains how new approaches to the Bible has left many students in our institutions confused and produced a generation of preachers, Bible teachers, church leaders, editors and publishers who are unsure of some of the church’s long-standing beliefs and practices. Receiving the Word also explains how a faulty view about the Bible and its interpretation can shipwreck the faith of any Christian.

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Receiving the Word

About This Book

Receiving the Word is widely recognized as a landmark work that goes to the heart of theological divisions in the church. Oxford University scholar Malcolm Bull and London-based journalist Keith Lockhart, describe this best-selling as playing a notable and successful role in the 1990s in the return of the church to the “plain reading of the Bible.”


This probing book discusses how current views on the Bible are influencing the re-interpretationof traditional Christian beliefs and practices. Questions suchas these are addressed in Receiving the Word:

  • Why are Seventh-day Adventist scholars and institutions divided into"conservative" and "liberal" theological camps?
  • What is behind the perceived polarization between "the church of theWest" and "the rest of the church" on some divisive theological issues?
  • How are inadequate and superficial answers to the following questionsundermining the faith of many youth and new believers, includingstudents studying in our own institutions:
    • Is everything in the Bible inspired and trustworthy?
    • Did the New Testament writers misquote the Old?
    • How do we deal with apparent mistakes and discrepancies in the Bible?
    • What about the debate over the King James Version Bible and recent English translations?
    • Must the Bible remain our only authoritative norm?
    • How should we interpret the Bible? "Principle" or "literal" approach? Higher-criticism or plain-reading?



"This is a must reading for every Seventh-day Adventist.  It is well written and documented, and sets out convincingly the current crisis in the church"

--Norman R. Gulley,Professor of Systematic Theology at Southern College.




"An amazingly clear and competent presentation which will supply Seventh-day Adventists with a reasoned statement of their own position and challenge liberals to reexamine their fundamental presuppositions.  I wish it the widest circulation

"--Raoul Dederen, Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University




"The author has given us much food for thought in his careful analysis of the various approaches to the study of Scripture.  I commend him for his forthright presentation of the pros and cons of these methods of study.  Seventh-day Adventists have been historically known as a people who believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God.  We must not deviate from this belief.  To do so will be at the peril of our purpose and existence as God's special people in these last days of earth's history before Jesus returns"

--Paul Gordon, Ellen G. White Estate, Silver Spring, MD




"We need the Holy Spirit to direct our minds to follow after God's thoughts, and without it [Him] we can easily misunderstand its content.  Samuel Koranteng-Pipim has brought this aspect of biblical study strongly into view, and he is to be thanked for doing so"

--William H. Shea, Associate Director, Biblical Research Institute of the General Conference.



"This is an invaluable work for those interested in one of the most crucial issues facing Seventh-day Adventists.  I highly recommend this work"

--Clifford Goldstein, Editor, Liberty Magazine


"Receiving the Word is one of the few provocative books that has actually succeeded in moving beyond surface labels and rhetorical intimidations into the very core of the present Seventh-day Adventist identity crisis.  No committed Seventh-day Adventist should ever miss the reading of this extremely insightful work"

--Alberto R. Timm, Professor of Church History and Historical Theology, Brazil Adventist College (Central Campus)




"In an age when the historical-critical method urges each biblical interpreter "to do what is right in his/her eyes," it is refreshing to see one who is brave enough to redirect our focus to the unchanging principles of God.  I highly recommend Receiving the Word to every honest seeker for truth"

--Keith Burton, Assistant Professor of New Testament, Oakwood College.




"Receiving the Word will prove to be a major contribution in the history of Adventist theology and hermeneutics which cannot be ignored.  The author's courage and fidelity to the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy deserves our deepest gratitude."

--C. Raymond Holmes, Pastor, Author, "The Tip of An Iceberg"


"Finally, we have a work which calls upon the Seventh-day Adventist church at the crossroads to "look, and ask for the ancient paths where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls (Jer 6:16 RSV)"

--Artur A. Stele, President, Zaokski Theological Seminary, Russia



"Koranteng-Pipim represents a growing number of young, perceptive, Bible-believing scholars who, while not afraid to `call it as they see it,' present challenging issues with a spirit of love and compassion.  He correctly perceives that the key issue that causes division among many of us is how we view God's Word and the way we interpret it.  This book is a must read for anyone who wants to be aware of the critical issues that are confronting our church in these days just prior to our blessed Lord's return"

--Randall W. Younker, Director, Ph.D./Th.D. Program, Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary, Andrews University