SAMUEL KORANTENG-PIPIM,PH.D. , is a US-based Ghanaian author, inspirational speaker, leadership trainer, and an advocate for youth empowerment. He was trained in engineering and systematic theology, and has authored more than twenty books. They include his bestselling works Hope Through the Dark, Six More Chances, Healed Wounds but Ugly Scars, and Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions. Dr. Pipim currently directs two Centers for Leadership Development known as EAGLES (Empowerment & Advisory Group for Leadership, Excellence, & Service) and ANANSE (African Network & Advisory for Needed Services & Excellence). He also serves as a special consultant on Bible projects for Remnant Publications. 

Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions

by Samuel Koranteng-Pipim, Ph.D.

Title: Patience In the Midst of Trials and Afflictions 
Author: Samuel Koranteng-Pipim
Pages: 136
ISBN: 978-1-890014-04-4

Every human being, at one time or the other, is bound to experience some trials and afflictions. These are painful, prolonged, or deep suffering that severely test the resiliency and character of a person. Patience In the Midst of Trials and Afflictions insightfully argues that trials and afflictions are gifts from God. They are the lemons God squeezes to produce lemonades in our lives. They are the heat and pressure He applies to our lives in order to produce in us the beautiful diamond of patience. The purpose of this small volume is to explore the nature of patience as it relates to trials and afflictions, and to show how we can benefit from our precious gifts of trials.

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Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions

About This Book

In the journey through life, trials await us all. For at one point or another, every one of us is bound to experience the agony of pain, disappointment, sorrow, hurt, loss, or some other form of suffering that will severely test our resiliency and character. We may also suffer afflictions - prolonged ordeals of suffering that lie deeper in the soul.God uses these trials and afflictions to cultivate in us the virtue of patience.


You can tell that the Lord is developing patience in you when you run into many anguishing experiences; when the things or people you depend on suddenly fail you; when your life seems to be in detours; when prolonged illness and other forms of afflictions plague you; when your situation in life goes from bad to worse. Above all, you know you are being schooled in patience when you cry out to God for help, and He doesn't seem to hear or care.


Patience in the Midst of Trials and Afflictions insightfully explains the nature of patience, why God permits trials and afflictions, and how you can benefit from them. This life-changing book will be a source of encouragement to you and your loved ones. It will give you confidence in God's guidance and renew your determination to trust Him, no matter what.